About Us

Modh Community is living not only in India but globally as well. Modh Community has given sacrifice to make India independent. Our Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi led India to give freedom from Britishers. Not only socially but economically also Modh Community has played a big role in developing our country's economy. Shri Dhirubhai Ambani (Reliance Industries), Shri Devkaran Nanjee (Dena Bank), Shri Mathurdas Parekh (Zandu) are few names to mention.

History proves that the Modhs are very hard working, enterprising and very resourceful people who do not wait for an opportunity, rather they create opportunity for everyone and achieve success from it.

"MODH" means Man Of Dedication and Honesty

In 90's limit of Ahmedabad had started developing all around. Ahmedabad was going to become a Metro city and a growth capital of not only Gujarat but also of India. Hence, there were hundreds of families willing to settle here. However there was a limitation for any single association to club all the families under one single roof. As a result of that, and with visionary guidance from our very respectable Shri Vajubhai Vagadkar, Shree Saurashtra Dasha Modh Vanik Mitra Mandal, Naranpura had been established in April 1997. Mandal's first programme was held at Pragatinagar Hall, Naranpura with startup ceremony and family get together.

President Shri Harsahdbhai Doshi, Vice President Shri Abhechandbhai Mehta, Shri Ashwinbhai Parikh, Shri Maheshbhai Shah along with our growth engine like Secretary Shri Pravinbhai Mehta and Joint Secretary Shri Pramodbhai Parikh including 30 dedicated committee members, Naranpura Mandal had started journey of Social Revolution for enhancing our unity, friendship which convert into our total social growth.

We believe in following sayings:

  • Unity is our Strength
  • When there is Team Work and Co-operation, wonderful things can be achieved
  • Communication leads to Community that is to Understanding, Intimacy and Mutual Valuing
  • Lead people with what they want,
    Lead with what they've already said,
    Lead people from where they're at,
    Lead them with things that concern them.